Headwaters advised Classic Brands LLC on its strategic sale to Topperscot, LLC.

Robert Donegan, the Founder & CEO of Classic Brands said, “I’ve been a client of three investment banking firms in my career. The level of service and especially the professionalism of the Headwaters team went far beyond my expectations. At every step of the way, I felt that I had a strong advocate by my side.” Donegan added, “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Phil Walton and the team at Topperscot.”

The new company is now called Classic Brands Topperscot.

Philip W. Seefried, the Founder & CEO of Headwaters mentioned, “Helping great entrepreneurs like Bob realize the fruits of their creative energy is what we do at Headwaters. The strategic combination of these two Denver-based companies creates a formidable competitor and positions the combined team to execute on their growth strategy.”

About Classic Brands Topperscot
Classic Brands Topperscot is a privately-owned company with two primary lines of business. The company is the leader in sports licensed holiday products and is building a market leader bird feeder business. Their brands include NFL, MLB, NHL, over 100 major colleges and universities as well as their proprietary bird brands, More Birds® and Squirrel X™. Overall their products and brands tap into the passions of their consumer, whether it be the affinity to feeding birds or their sports team or favorite college or university. You can find their products in a broad range of retailers. The combined company does business with most national and regional retailers as well as independent retailers. You can find out more about them at www.topperscot.com or www.morebirds.com.