Renato Malcon

Renato is the Chairman of the Malcon S.A., Managing Director of Salomão Malcon Administrações e Participações Ltda. and Madel Administração Ltda, respectively conglomerates in the Brazilian Financial and Real Estate sectors.

In addition, Renato is a Senior Adviser of several commercial, philanthropic and cultural associations. He is also a YPO senior advisor and spearheads South America’s (Mercosur) premier visual arts foundation. Renato is also the Chairman of the Board of Prêmio Exportação do RS, a prestigious export-oriented entity that annually assesses and highlights leading Brazilian businesses. In addition, he is a Board Member at FEDERASUL, a leading Brazilian business association. Renato has a 30 years of banking experience as a Shareholder, President and Chairman of the highly-regarded Banco Regional Malcon S.A. a leading regional commercial bank. Previously, Renato was a founder and Vice President of the Instituto de Estudos Empresariais (IEE), a renowned Brazilian business leadership organization. 

Renato has a Law and Social Sciences degree from the prestigious Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul specializing in the areas of Business and Economics.