Headwaters MB announced today that it advised JH Partners on the sale of its portfolio company GO SMiLE, a leading provider of branded oral care products, to an undisclosed family office.

GO SMiLE has a history of developing technologically-driven oral care products including teeth whitening solutions, sonic toothbrushes and toothpaste. GO SMiLE originally entered the oral care space as a provider of high-end teeth whitening solutions and, over the past several years, has developed an array of differentiated oral care products that are sold through the FDM and prestige channels at price points ranging from $5 to $150.

“GO SMiLE’s success was achieved through its research driven approach to developing unique and patented delivery systems, formulations and sonic toothbrushes. The company has developed products that are more natural than competitors, with proven efficacy, and address the consumers’ desire for professional-quality cleaning and whitening results,” said Bill Harrison, Headwaters’ Head of Consumer & Retail Banking.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

About GO SMiLE
GO SMiLE is a California-based manufacturer of branded oral care products. GO SMiLE’s products are some of the most effective in the world, with cutting edge formulas, strong critical studies, unique ingredients and patented delivery systems. Through technologically advanced, highly effective products, GO SMiLE makes oral care feel more like a luxurious beauty treatment than a chore. For more information, visit www.gosmile.com.

About JH Partners
JH Partners is a leading consumer-focused private equity firm. Through exclusive focus on the consumer sector, JH Partners has developed a strong industry network and valuable resources to help its brands.  JH Partners senior partners have been CEOs, founders, executives and board members for a number of businesses and bring many years of hands-on operating experience to its investments. For more information, visit www.jhpartners.com