Headwaters MB brings people, quality advice, uncompromised client advocacy, and powerful reach to help our clients grow, capitalize or monetize their businesses. We provide a full suite of M&A and capital formation services offering impressive market access to owners and operators of middle-market companies.

We do the standard stuff that bankers do.  We help clients buy and sell companies or raise different types of capital.   We offer advisory services such as alternatives analysis, fairness opinions, and special situations advice.  And the “MB” in our name stands for merchant banking, where we have investment capabilities too. 

It’s not so much what we do, but how we do it that we believe sets us apart. 

Our Services
Wisely navigating through the M&A process takes more than eagerness and a learner’s permit. We know that road by heart.
Find out how we’re able to help boost your potential and connect you to like-minded investors for more worthwhile results.
Much like the M&A process, debt transactions are full of terms and conditions-other than simple rate and fees.
Start with smart, savvy guidance to set you on the right course. Think of it as GPS for success.
If your company has veered off the road and you have trouble with lenders or trade creditors, we have the mechanics to fix...

All banker websites list industry “focus”.  Read the fine print. There’s a big difference between having a bit of deal experience versus having true industry expertise.

We’ve done deals in these sectors, but we push ourselves to stay up to the minute with industry trends, future risks/opportunities, and valuation drivers.  Our sector specialists talk to companies large and small, talk to specialized capital providers, and reach out to industry experts.  Our bankers attended over 125 trade shows last year alone. We think that this intimate knowledge of your industry makes us an ever more valuable advisor when managing transactions for our clients. 

Our Team