From our founding, we’ve believed that the key to our long-term success has been working with great clients – the kind we’d like to put our own money behind.

Our approach to Merchant Banking works the same way. In our first fund, Rio Grande Investment Partners, we co-invested alongside other private equity funds backing management teams. That fund is now fully invested and has enjoyed great success – a tribute to solid management and patient capital.

Our new fund, Headwaters Capital Partners, fits the needs of our clients in the current market environment. This fund focuses on deals that don’t fit “in the box” of traditional private equity. It embraces complex situations are welcome rather than cast aside. Whether there is an ownership conflict that necessitates outside capital, a balance sheet issue that requires a rapid infusion of capital, an operational performance issue that will take some time or a cross-fund issue that our sponsor clients are grappling with, Headwaters Capital Partners stands ready to provide flexible financing where traditional forms of capital are not available.

Headwaters Capital Partners invests $10-30 million at a time, in various forms, where such capital supports a clearly articulated operating plan or solves a messy financial conflict. Try us.

The “MB” in Headwaters MB stands for merchant bank.