The Uberization of freight has been occupied by the TL and LTL marketplace for several years now. Many concerns have attempted to attack this industry with handheld smartphone applications. These applications, for the most part, are centered on the vision of attaching or enabling crowd sourced trucking labor to locate and haul smart phone distributed trucking loads.  

The progress of these concerns has been mixed. Some have managed to exhaust their capital and may soon be shutting down if they cannot find a buyer for their remaining operations. In fact, crowd-sourced application platforms for delivering last mile solutions have been operating, with varying degrees of success, since Instacart set up shop at the end of 2014. Frost & Sullivan predicted three years ago that smartphone based freight would grow from roughly $125mm to $26.4B in 2015.  That seems a little rosy at this point. 

The real question becomes whether or not these players created these applications to cash in on an opportunity with no real knowledge of the market they were trying to disintermediate.